Nelixia’s Fundamentals III: Empower communities

Some examples of siple and succesful proyects that have place as a result of Spotlight

Putting an end to smoke in the home!

In rural Latin America, food is traditionally cooked on a wood fire. It’s one of the many causes of deforestation. Unfortunately, it’s the source of a much more serious issue that many families are completely unaware of: smoke is seriously damaging to health. In particular, it stops babies’ brains from developing properly.

From outhouses to flush toilets!

Haven’t we all used dubious-looking toilets at one time or another? In the developing world, toilets are a regular topic of conversation! And they’ll admit it, too. When we ask families, “do you like your toilet?” the answer is always: “No!”
―“Wouldn’t you like your toilet to be clean?” ―“Yes, but it’s not that easy; it’s too expensive”