Nelixia’s Fundamentals III: Empower communities

Some examples of siple and succesful proyects that have place as a result of Spotlight

Putting an end to smoke in the home!

In rural Latin America, food is traditionally cooked on a wood fire. It’s one of the many causes of deforestation. Unfortunately, it’s the source of a much more serious issue that many families are completely unaware of: smoke is seriously damaging to health. In particular, it stops babies’ brains from developing properly.

From outhouses to flush toilets!

Haven’t we all used dubious-looking toilets at one time or another? In the developing world, toilets are a regular topic of conversation! And they’ll admit it, too. When we ask families, “do you like your toilet?” the answer is always: “No!”
―“Wouldn’t you like your toilet to be clean?” ―“Yes, but it’s not that easy; it’s too expensive”

What should I do with my waste?

I have already told you about Stoplight, a methodology invented by the Fundación Paraguaya which we set up at Nelixia, to tackle poverty in our harvesting communities.

Promoting Literacy

In previous articles, I shared beautiful stories that give me goose bumps. Because of these, I get up every morning with the same fixation: to create more wealth around us. The Stoplight methodology is a remarkable tool for this. But I must admit, I don’t always find it easy to ask the communities these questions. You have to be comfortable with speaking openly and entering their private space. You need to take the time to understand their situation, culture and history. This can sometimes make them (and us!) feel uncomfortable.