• About Nelixia

About Nelixia

Latin America is home to so much biodiversity, so much culture, communities, and tradition, but despite huge potential, local natural raw materials haven’t been much developed.

Founding our company, our dream was to bring back value to this fertile region, by developing natural ingredients for the fragrance, flavors, aromatherapy and spices industry.

When we started producing our first Essential Oils in 2010, we set out on an ambitious goal to do things differently by putting sustainability at the heart of our operations. It’s been exciting to see the reach and positive impact we managed, and we are continuously moving forward through this journey by developing a larger range of natural ingredients which will scale up our positive impact in producing communities and for the environment.

We are also invested by a mission, the mission to give purpose to the whole value chain, by showing the world where do the raw materials they use in their products every day come from, on one side the amazing ancestral know-how and breathtaking nature surroundings, but also the toughness of the working conditions.

Give purpose by allowing our customers and their clients to engage and commit with us in these value chains, through respect, empowerment, regenerative agriculture, poverty eradication.

Give purpose as we are all part of this story and it is our common responsibility to make things right, even if it is the hard way, but it is the only way. Purpose definitely starts at the source, so that our children can one day have access to the same emotions we are feeling in contact with those ingredients.

Our team

Elisa Aragon

Co-founder and CEO
Elisa Aragon is the co-founder and CEO of Nelixia. Nelixia strives to preserve what they believe are the essential elements of their ingredients: they are ethically-sourced, honor traditional harvesting techniques, elevate and empower communities in support of a shared, sustainable future.

Elisa is from Guatemala and driven by her passion for natural materials she obtained an organic chemistry degree in Paris, then a Master in Perfumery at ISIPCA, finishing by a master degree in Entrepreunership at ESCP in France. She was drawn to the idea of starting a business in Latam to bring social consciousness and sustainability to her region. 11-years ago moved home to Guatemala to found Nelixia.

Jean-Marie Maizener

Co-founder and COO
Jean-Marie Maizener is the co-founder of Nelixia, a leading natural ingredients supplier in Latam. He is from Paris, a Centrale Paris engineer and has worked in strategic consulting with Bain & Co., and finance for the Carlyle Group prior to meeting Elisa. With her vision to bring social consciousness and sustainability to her part of the world together, Elisa and Jean-Marie created Nelixia.

They have developed value chains for Essential Oils, extracts and spices throughout the Latam region. Jean-Marie is a self-proclaimed explorer, pushing the boundaries of what’s expected within the existing market and seeking new, innovative origin species to bring to all of Latam, generating income and biodiversity.

Marc Fournier

Co-founder, chairperson and advisor
Co-founder and Chairperson. Marc dedicated his career to founding and growing companies to become world leaders in their domain. He is particularly proud of being a part of Nelixia and having catered to the high demands of industrialization while creating a new standard in sustainable and ethical sourcing. Marc helps Nelixia in developing and implementing the company’s strategy.

Marc holds degrees in Political Science, International Relations and Business from Tufts University, ESCP Business School and the Institut Etudes Politique in Paris. Additionally, he has published three books and is the Dean of a Maters Program at ESCP Business School.

Fredy Rodriguez

Sourcing Buisness developer director
Fredy Rodriguez a Zamorano Agronomist, has a large experience in building agroforestry systems resilient against climate change, community organization, recovery of degraded soils and waste management. He has a large experience across Latin America in different crops and wild collections. His large connaissance in agronomy, his commitments to ethics and his sustainable approach makes him the best in developing new ingredients at Nelixia. Previously, he has worked as a specialist consultant in agroforestry value chains for the German cooperation GIZ ,USAID, Swiss Cooperation and COOP. He was also a former certification Coordinator for ECOM Trading in Honduras and El Salvador.

Victoria Soerensen

Sustainable sourcing director
Forestry Engineer Victoria Soerensen, with more than 10 years of experience in environmental impact assessments, environmental management analysis, capacity building and environmental education, idealization and execution of forest management plans of diverse ecosystems, as well as in the analysis of technical and economic feasibility of their sustainable uses. Specialized in solid waste management and analysis of regulatory frameworks for the development of public policy proposals. She is responsible for sustainability, in charge of the certification of Nelixia's raw materials and products.

Chloé Dengel

Sales Manager
Chloé is Belgian-English and has over 10 years of experience in Europe as Project Manager and Commercial Engineer in Pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, GSK and Baxter, before moving to Guatemala.

Quadrilingual and naturally goal and customer-oriented, she cherishes building a special relationship with each one of Nelixia’s international clients and is committed to the fulfillment of their needs and projects. Perfectly aligned with Nelixia’s values and mission, she takes great proud in representing a company that not only provides sustainable quality products but also sets the wellbeing of the local producing communities and workers at the center of its interests.

Giordano Donado

As chief financial officer (CFO), Giordano Donado is responsible for all the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance, and investor relations. His career spans more than 25 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy. Prior to joining Nelixia in 2020, Giordano worked with various international chartered advisory firms assuming the roles of Financial Advisory Manager for Deloitte S-Latam and Consulting Manager for BDO Panama. Prior to those experiences, he served as Regional CFO for Franklin Covey in Central America and Mexico and CFO for a local company in the construction sector.

Giordano holds a Master of Business Administration from the University EADA Business School, Barcelona, and a Bachelor of Telecommunications Electronic Engineering from the University USMA, Panama.

Joel Bethancourth

Joel joined Nelixia as Human Resources Regional Director, he is responsible for Lead HR, and Corporate Social Responsibility according to Nelixia’s sustainable vision that it is integreated in each division. , designing and implementing HR innovatives practices to increase employee performance and efficiency, and overall talent management of a suitable, motivated and engaged staff aligned with Nelixia Group strategy.

Joel is passionate for the organizational culture and change management to drive performance and built organization with purpose.

Joel has over 10 years of work experience in the Human Resources field, Joel has worked as Consultant Manager for a big fours firm and held Hr positions in national and multinational companies.

Our Process

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One of the fundamental objectives of NELIXIA is the respect of the environment. Thus, since its creation, NELIXIA sought to develop an alternative to the use of diesel for its distillation process.
Respect of the Enviroment
Raw Materials
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As a distiller, NELIXIA counts with a large quantity of biomass waste (distiller raw materials) and uses lots of energy for distillation.
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We decided to find the way to produce energy from our wastes.
Produce Energy
Positive Impact
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   +500 tons of waste treated every year.
   Carbon 0: carbon neutral or even    carbon negative.
   20% of our energy need and growing.
   Positive impact on greenhouse effect.

Our Solution


We decided to invest in a biodigester, to digest our biomass. Every day, we add several tons of distilled biomass to our digestor, that we agitate and heat (with our condenser water), to generate the production of biogas which is a mix of methane and CO2.

To improve efficiency, and have more positive impact in our region, we also collect cow manure and other wastes from local farms that we add to the mix. Methane is then used in a dedicated boiler to produce our own renewable energy for distillation.

The Sub-product of this process is an amazing fertilizer, that we distribute back to our producing communities.