Purpose Starts
at the Source

The production of natural ingredients brings great responsibilities and commitments.

Working with raw materials implies working directly with producers, but it also implies working with all the biodiversity that surrounds it.

These responsibilities need to be worked on a very responsible manner to ensure that our future generations can also have access to such ingredients (or diversity?)

At Nelixia, we created our 6 fundamentals, a true process developed over the past 10 years, as a methodology followed by all our teams, so that each ingredient can be sustainably produced.

Our fundamentals

Nelixia Know the Source

At Nelixia we work directly with the producers, allowing to discover exceptional ancestral know-how and breathtaking nature surroundings, but also to realize the difficult and complex conditions that producers have.

Being closer to the producers allows us to secure volumes and create a more stable product.

The deliverables (or objectives) are:

- Number of producers per value chain
- Georeferentiation of the production parcels
- Production volumes per producer to organize our sourcing goals.
- Socio-economic Baseline
- Risk assessment of the value chain

Nelixia Know the Source
Nelixia Involve and Respect
Nelixia Involve and Respect

Getting to know better the source, allows to create a more fair and sustainable relationship with our producers while making sure that the biodiversity that surrounds the ingredients will be sustainably managed.

The objectives are:

- Create a fair and long term commercial agreement with the producers ( precio justo, codigo de etica, capacitacion sobre el uso prohibido de quimicos, estudio de la tenencia de la tierra)

- Dispatch agricultural technical assistance to improve yields and good practices to respect the environment.

Nelixia Empower Communities

In each value chain, we work with our communities to empower and grow their quality of life. Through a partnership with Stoplight from Fundación Paraguaya, an innovative method that works to end poverty around the world, we are able to see the growth of our communities.

The objectives are:

- Enhance empowerment by the implementation of certification such as Fairwild, Fair for life, UEBT, Rainforest alliance …

- Develop supplier capacities

- Eliminate poverty thanks to the Stoplight Methodology

Nelixia Empower Communities
Nelixia Preserve, protect and promote biodiversity
Nelixia Preserve Protect

With climate change, we are working to build a resilient sustainable system in each value chain. Our areas of focus are reforestation, conservation and species protection which have proven to increase production and protect each value chain we are in.

The main objectives are: 

- Respect all the international entities for the endangered spices
- Respect ABS and the Nagoya protocol when suited

- Promote agroforestry systems to avoid monoculture

- Promote regenerative agriculture to protect the soils 

Nelixia Prioritize Green Energy

At all our factories, we maintain responsible environmental management to act against climate change by minimizing our environmental footprint and maximizing process efficiency.

We can claim to be a carbon positive company

Producing to the best standards is equally important, as this assures Nelixia’s customers that we have the best quality standards in the market.

Our main objectives are:

- Reduce GEI emissions and promote renewable energies

- Good management of water use and wastewater treatment, exceeding local regulations and improving use or reuse

- Good waste management and valorization of by-products, in products or energy

- Prioritization to green and non-petroleum solvents

- Respect of protocols for handling, transport and disposal of dangerous products

- Implementation of best quality certification

Nelixia Prioritize green energy
Nelixia Transparency
Nelixia Transparency

The implementation of the entire methodology of Nelixia’s fundamentals allows for traceability and transparency throughout the whole production chain.

The objectives are:

- Implement traceability for each ingredient
- Communicate with total transparency about the supply of the raw materials to its clients.

Our Commitments

Cool Number
Cool Number
Cool Number
Sustainable Development Goals Logo

Nelixia’s Fundamentals allows to successfully implement the production of sustainable ingredients. Nelixia can engage its clients in this mission and together create a more promising future.

This methodology has the virtue of not only creating a perennial business but also the virtue of responding to 13 of the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations.

Nelixia No Poverty
Nelixia Zero Hunger
Nelixia Good Health
Nelixia Quality Education
Nelixia Gender Quality
Nelixia Clean Water
Nelixia Clean Energy
Nelixia Decent Work
Nelixia Innovation
Nelixia Reduce Inequalities
Nelixia Sustainable Cities
Nelixia Responsible Consumption and Production
Nelixia Climate Action
Nelixia Life Below Water
Nelixia Life on Land
Nelixia Peace Justice
Nelixia Partnership