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Direct sourcing

The objective of Nelixia is to source the majority of its supplies directly from the communities to ensure that they receive a better price

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Local development

Nelixia is involved directly or in partnership with NGOs to help producing communities to develop

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Green energy

In its constant quest to respect the environment, Nelixia invested in a methanation unit, which uses the raw materials distilled to produce biogas to be used in the industrial process

Direct sourcing

Nelixia vision has always been to strive to work as closely as possible with small farmers, therefore avoiding middlemen and ensuring greater added value for the communities.

Today, Nelixia works with identified communities, ensuring traceability and sustainability of its products.

Moreover, Nelixia endeavours to try and develop purchase contracts to guarantee to its producing communities an output and a stable income, and to its customers a secured supply.

Local development

In addition to its endeavor to source directly and to secure its supplies, Nelixia gets involved directly or in partnership with NGOs to help its producing communities develop.

For each kilogram of oil sold, a certain amount is added to a fund managed by Nelixia, which is 100% invested directly in the different communities for essential projects: Schooling help (purchase of school supplies,...), infrastructures construction or reparation (drinkable water, community place...)

Green energy

One of the fundamental objective of Nelixia is the respect of the environment. Thus, since its creation, Nelixia sought to develop an alternative to the use of diesel for its distillation process.

Nelixia has built this year a biodigester to use distillation wastes to produce biogas, a 100% renewable energy, for its process.

Nelixia is proud to be one of the only producers of natural raw materials that can claim carbon-zero products.