Patchouli in Guatemala

Patchouli production in Guatemala is a new sector developed by Nelixia to offer a solution to the monopoly of Indonesia with unsustainable and non traceable products. Nelixia controls the entire chain of production, from seedlings to agricultural plantation, distillation and quality control.

Given the limited existing literature on patchouli and novelty in Guatemala, Nelixia set up a R&D protocol to learn how to work locally with this plant. Starting with a 70-year old acclimatized plant, Nelixia implemented a 50 ha plantation in order to develop a specific operating manual.

In respect of its sustainable development approach, and as a way to increase its production volumes, Nelixia is now developing agricultural plantations through local communities.


Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin) is a tropical plant native from India, now grown mainly in Indonesia between 400 to 1000 m above sea level.

It is a fast growing shrub reaching up to 1 m high. Its leaves are very similar to those of mint, but larger. They are extremely fragrant, especially when dried and subjected to a fermentation process.

Essential oil is extracted from the dried leaves.

Own production

Nelixia has imagined its own agricultural productions as a research center in order to develop a real expertise that could be transmitted to local communities.

Propagation: Nursery 1 ha - humidity tests, type of ground...
Plantation dedicated to R&D - Test of shading, association, maintenance, type of cut...
Drying: Structure on several floors - Tests of drying duration, fermentation ...


In respect of its philosophy of sustainable development and in order to develop the volume of patchouli produced, Nelixia develops agricultural production with local communities. Investigations pursued by Nelixia allow for agricultural know-how transmission.

Nelixia adopts the following pattern:
- Proposition to communities of an alternative additional income, without substituying current culture, thanks to patchouli association with existing production
- Transmission of all the know-how developped by Nelixia during its 4-years of research.
- Training and constant monitoring to ensure good results
- Guaranteed purchase of 100% of the production at a fixed price

Distillation and quality control

Patchouli oil is extracted from dried leaves of patchouli.

After several years of research, Nelixia has developed, a drying protocol allowing it to produce a premium quality essential oil.

Dried patchouli leaves are steam distilled in stainless steel stills.