Cardamom essential oil

After starting the implementation of patchouli in Guatemala and completing the construction of its distillation factory, Nelixia naturally became producer of cardamom essential oil, as Guatemala is the world's largest producer of cardamom seeds.

Today, Nelixia is a leading global cardamom oil producer and differentiates itself from its competitors by its sourcing very close to the communities and by its oil quality.


Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is a wild plant, originary from the Malabar coast, growing in the warm, humid and very fertile forests of Coban in Guatemala,

Cardamom is a shrub with leaves 2 to 3 meters high and comparable to reeds.
At the foot of the bush, there are flowers that closely resemble orchids, streaked with purple.

The mature fruit is a green capsule holding twenty small black seeds, containing the major aromatics, among which the essential oil.


Cardamom is produced by more than 350 000 families in the region of Coban in Guatemala, on a total surface of approximately 63,000 hectares.

Guatemala is the world's largest producer of cardamom seeds.

For years, and with the help of local NGOs, Nelixia has strived to establish a network of small producers of cardamom, from which it sources directly. By doing so, Nelixia is limiting intermediaries, so it can bring more value to small producers and help them grow.


Cardamom is carefully harvested and handpicked between September and April.

At this stage, the green fruit is called "cereza". It is between 7-8 mm and contains more or less 20 small black seeds.
The fruits are then dried - the green color is kept with more or less variation of shades - to become the dried cardamom which is the spice commonly known.

The different colors and sizes obtained represent different qualities.

Once dried, the fruit is ready for distillation.


Thanks to its extensive field experience and thorough testing, Nelixia is able to select cardamom seeds according to the specifications required by its customers.

The dried fruit is first grounded to allow a better extraction of the essential oil.

The distillation is then carried out in stainless steel stills.

The oil is prepared with great care by our quality team, to allow it to express its full aromatic potential.